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Question for all on Native or traditional place names


As part of the USGS mapping efforts, the Awe are very interested in Geographic Names (place names) and a developing part of this are Native American place names or traditional place names. I know there has been a lot of work done with these names in Idaho and even in Hawaii, but I'm not really aware of any other efforts or interest in Washington State.


'Living Proof' wins Canadian book design award

The recently published book on Indigenous use-and-occupancy map surveys titled "Living Proof" authored by Terry N. Tobias  and co-published by Ecotrust Canada and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs has been awarded a 2010 Alcuin National Book Design Award.

From the Alcuin Society Press Release March 31, 2010:


Tusaqtuut Core Indigenous Knowledge Project

Furthering an understanding of Inuit culture and the impact of climate change in the Arctic

Issue Area: Cultural Preservation and Environmental Education
Geographic Footprint: Canadian Arctic

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