Indigenous Guardians Toolkit

We are excited to share the news that the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit website is now live! The Toolkit is a place for Indigenous communities across Canada to learn, share and connect about building and implementing Indigenous Guardian programs.  

In the Toolkit, you’ll find:
  • Practical information, tips and resources
  • Downloadable worksheets and templates to use and modify
  • Stories of guardians at work and quotes from people on-the-ground
  • A map of guardian programs across Canada
  • Ways to share and connect with other communities

We would like to acknowledge and thank the many people who made the Toolkit possible – the development of the Toolkit was facilitated by TNC Canada in collaboration with the Toolkit Advisory Group and Indigenous communities and practitioners from across the country.
The Indigenous Guardians Toolkit is a living, growing and expanding resource.  The Toolkit provides communities with the opportunity to share stories and resources related to guardian work. Feel free to spread the word about the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit and forward this email to Indigenous communities working to monitor and steward their lands and waters or others working to support Indigenous Guardians.   
We look forward to working together in support of on-the-ground Indigenous stewardship and the work of Indigenous Guardians across Canada.

The Toolkit Team at TNC Canada (Claire Hutton, Amanda Karst, Karen Peachey and Sandra Thomson)

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