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Displaying overlapping map icons

Could anyone please give me some advice on how to display overlapping map icons?

Map Icons

Hello fellow users,

  I am constructing a TUS map and was wondering where I find nice little map icons like different animals, cabins, smokehouses, etc.....

Thanks for your help.
Renel Mitchell

Traditional Use GIS Application

For anyone interested...  SpatialQ is an online Traditional Use GIS that is based out of Alberta.  Please have a look.

Tool for handeling CanVec data + Twp grid tutorial

A friend of mine showed me this the other day. If you have ever used the canvec data and wasted a whole bunch of time applying styles, you will find this useful. you can get the guide here and the files you need are found here under the symbology section, I have not used this yet but I saw it in action and it is a real help.