ArcGIS tutorial for Tribal College students (free!)

I put this GIS tutorial together for a workshop for Tribal College students I was teaching last summer. The whole thing is freely available.

You just have to reference NASA and Kiksapa consulting if you want to use it.
Tutorial is under
The tutorial data is available from
I am in the process of updating this – the tutorial is from last year.
Let me know if you would like to get updates on this.
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Updated tutorial

We updated the ARCGIS tutorial we developed for a NASA Tribal Colleges and Universities Program last year.
The tutorial works in large parts with data relevant to GIS at Tribes and is a entry level ARCGIS 10 tutorial.

Find a copy of the document under:

Find the tutorial data under:
(Careful – this is a 2.1 GB file)

Feel free to use this tutorial.
Reference KISKAPA Consulting ( and NASA if you use the tutorial.