First Nations Environmental Assessment Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by the First Nations Environmental Assessment Technical Working Group (FNEATWG).

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist First Nations in British Columbia (BC) whose Aboriginal rights and title and treaty rights may be affected by a project undergoing an EA. This toolkit is designed primarily for First Nations leadership, employees and communities. It is meant to provide information and practical advice that will help First Nations participate effectively in EA processes. It is hoped that this toolkit will help your First Nation develop strategies and decision-making processes that benefit your community and result in favourable outcomes from EAs.

The document is written primarily from a First Nation perspective. However, it also provides information on the perspectives of other participants in the EA process including project proponents, government regulators and decision-makers.

The underlying theme of this toolkit is full engagement in any EA process relevant to your community. It is only through effective participation that your First Nation can influence the EA process and outcome. By understanding the EA process, legislation, participating actively and having effective strategies, you are more likely to accurately represent your First Nation‘s interests.

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