Example TUS Proposal from the Lheidli T'enneh Nation


We are the Lheidli T’enneh.  Our name essentially translates to “people from where the rivers flow together.” The rivers referred to are the Nee Incha Koh which means “river with strong undercurrents” and the Ltha Koh, the Big Mouth River.  These rivers are currently known as the Nechako and the Fraser.

According to our history, as told by our Elders, a large group of our people were led by the Traditional Chiefs and Medicine People to the convergence of these two rivers.  According to our Elders, originally these people - our ancestors - had travelled from the Blackwater area.

According to the ways of our people, we were once a migratory people in rhythm with the seasons.  Our ancestors would work in their family groups on their hunting and gathering grounds throughout our Traditional Territory.  Our ancestors were also traders of goods with various groups from neighbouring areas.  Due to this lifestyle, there were no permanent settlements like we think of them today.  However, there were seasonal villages at certain points along the lakes and rivers which were utilized for parts of the year.  Lheidli, the site of present-day Prince George, was one of these villages.  We occupied and used all of our Traditional Territory.  This is still true today.

The Traditional Use Study will allow us to gather land use information of our Traditional Territory.  This information would be invaluable to our community as it would allow us to make informed decisions and/or contributions in the operational and strategical planning of the natural resources of this area.

Such informed participation would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of land use planning and resource management of the Ministry of Forests at both the regional and district levels.  As well, it may enable a process where all parties can meet their planning obligations.

Overall, the study would improve the relationship between Lheidli T’enneh and government.

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