Youth Resources

Websites concerning younger people.

Environmental Youth Corp

The Environmental Youth Corp. (EYC) is designed to create a six to twelve month window-of-opportunity for post-secondary graduates under the age of 30. These individuals are either unemployed or underemployed and are seeking to gain experience in either a national or international environmental project.

CIDA - International Youth Internship Program

The Canadian International Development Agency's International Youth Internship Program is an employment program for Canadian men and women between the ages of 19 and 30. The Program is part of the Canadian government's strategy to help young people develop the experience they need to move successfully from education to work.

First Peoples on Schoolnet

First Peoples on Schoolnet is a comprehensive online resource offering extensive links to Aboriginal classroom and educational resources as well as original Aboriginal content from individuals and organizations across Canada.

Aboriginal Youth Human Resources Development Strategy

Are you Aboriginal and between the ages of 15 and 30? If you are, then you are a member of a fast growing group that is very important to Canada's future!

Aboriginal youth will play a very important part in filling many, many jobs left vacant when older people retire. And to do this, you need skills!