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Manifold System GIS

A U.S. based company, publishes Manifold® System, add-ins for Microsoft's Access® data base, data sets, utilities and other data visualization and analysis software, including user friendly GIS software. Manifold is a relatively inexpensive GIS option.

There is a helpful article by Arthur J. Lembo Jr. comparing common tasks in Manifold and ArcGIS  here. (Via the AnyGeo blog)


Web site for the popular GIS software. Provides technical tips, information on products, retailers and training.

Map Maker Ltd

Map Maker was originally designed for projects in developing countries where low-cost and ease of use are essential. They offer a free shareware software that allows for easy to use yet powerful GIS and map processing functions. Map Maker also offer a free GPS utility program for converting GPS data to Map Maker drawings.

PCI Geomatics

This Canadian software company is the creator of Geomatica. Their site contains product information, application examples, and specifics on client services.