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Indigenous Guardians Toolkit

We are excited to share the news that the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit website is now live! The Toolkit is a place for Indigenous communities across Canada to learn, share and connect about building and implementing Indigenous Guardian programs.  

In the Toolkit, you’ll find:

New GIS field guide from MapAction (Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping)

MapAction has published the first edition of its Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping. The guide, which is downloadable free, will help aid organisations to use geospatial tools and methods in their work in emergencies. There are tutorials for Google Earth and open-source GIS software.


There is a very simple program that could meet your mapping needs.
It is called OziExplorer,

  1. You can download waypoints and tracks from most handheld gps receivers(field collection) and placed on a map.
  2. The waypoints can be exported as ESRI point files(.shp)
  3. The tracks can be exported as ESRI polylines(.shp) or polygons(.shp) and be used with AutoCad, MapInfo, ArcView etc.
  4. Can import up to 75 layers of Esri shape files(.shp), MapInfo .mif files, MapGen vector files, ArcInfo E00 files. All the above files can be converted to waypoints and tracks and loaded into a handheld gps receiver for field work. Will import data from a spread sheet. Will export data to text file.
  5. The program will import Geotiffs and Ortho photos or satellite images in .ecw or MrSid format, other formats can be converted to be used with the program by Spectrum Digital Imaging.
  6. The program will export tracks and waypoints to be viewed in Google Earth.
  7. You can do area calculations and lay custom grids on the maps.
  8. The program has excellent printing capabilities. Window to fit page, Window to scale, Cropped to fit page, Cropped to scale, Map to fit page(s), Map to Scale.
  9. You can associate a document or a image with a waypoint.
  10. You can use the program as a moving map display.
  11. You can create routes.
  12. You can convert waypoints and points to be used in  the programs name search data base to pin point a position on a map.

The program is very easy to learn and does not require a GIS degree.

Price $129.95 Can.