Cartographic Concepts and Resources

Maps communicate through abstraction. Map symbology like icons, colour choices, and  legends are central to map design. Here you will find information on cartographic methods to create attractive maps.

New GIS field guide from MapAction (Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping)

MapAction has published the first edition of its Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping. The guide, which is downloadable free, will help aid organisations to use geospatial tools and methods in their work in emergencies. There are tutorials for Google Earth and open-source GIS software.

Free Cartography Systems

This website provides many links to free and open source software pages for mapping as well as to information about such systems.


Elements of Cartographic Style

Maps are a means of communication. If a person has gone to the trouble of making a map, presumeably this cartographer is trying to communicate something about a place. Probably, he or she wants some audience to understand something specific, and to treat this understanding with some sense of credibility.