Other data sources

Other data sources include interesting resources that fall outside the other categories.

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Vector Map (VMap) Level 0

In a world of secrets and closed access to data, it comes as a pleasant surprise to discover that there is a huge quantity of data available to anyone, free of charge. This data has complete word coverage, and an astonishing range of data types all gathered together in one package. Need the national coastlines, elevation contours, roads and railways for any country you can think of ?

WMS Sites


A collection of useful Web Mapping Service sites

This site aims to be a visual catalog of public Web Mapping Service (WMS) resources online.

Viewing WMS Layers
To browse the WMS sites in the catalog, enter some keywords in search box above, or see site listings in the catalog.  By following links to individual layers, you can see those layers mapped.

Submitting a WMS Site

You can drop URLs for WMS sites in the suggestion box.  Suggested sites will be added to the catalog.

What is WMS?
The Web Map Service (WMS) implementation specification is a standard that describes how mapped information should be communicated on the internet.  The Open Geospatial Consortium has come up with a number of versions of the WMS standard.  Currently, this site works with WMS versions 1.0.0, 1.1.0, and 1.1.1.