Data Standards

Information on methods pretaining to Data Standards.

Arc/Info and ArcView Symbology

MSRM has developed its own set of ARC/INFO and ArcView display symbology for all data that it uses. This symbology is intended to be adequate for simple viewing, but cannot replace custom design for cartographic products. It is not intended to be a prescription for users outside MSRM. In many cases, it is different than the symbology adopted by data suppliers.

This symbology can be downloaded from this website:


Investigation Focus at Mexico's Aztec-Period Calixtlahuaca Site De-emphasizes Temples and Tombs

A Cost-Effective Approach to GPS/GIS Integration for Archaeological Surveying

By Brian Tomaszewski, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Geography, the Pennsylvania State University

BC Albers Projection

This projection has since been officially adopted by the BC Government as one of three (BC Albers, Geographics, and UTM) standard projections for spatial data storage and use.

It is based on Albers Equal Area Conic, with parameters of :

Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC)

The Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC) is responsible for establishing standards for natural and cultural resources inventories, including collection, storage, analysis, interpretation and reporting of inventory data.