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Maps in this category are general overview maps of First Nations people, including historical maps, map collections, and government maps.

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Interactive map of Chilean Indigenous groups

About the Being Indigenous organization:

To be Indigenous is a project of the ONG Community in which indigenous and nonindigenous people participate and whose aim is the valuation and diffusion of the original cultures that inhabit on the national territory (Chile) and rest of the continental region.

Ainu Aboriginal Group of Japan

Satsumon culture, as it was known 500 years prior, disappeared, and in its place emerged the Ainu culture. The Ainu lived in square, above-ground houses (as opposed to pithouses), did not make ceramics, decorated their clothes with spiral motifs, and practiced agriculture on a small scale.

First Nations of British Columbia: Objects & Peoples Map

The objects in the Museum of Anthropology originate from many different cultures. MOA's collections comprise many objects from the First Nations cultures of British Columbia. MOA has approximately 5700 objects from First Nations communities in British Columbia.

Here you can find a BCs First Nations Language-Map:

Saskatchewan First Nations and Metis Relations

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