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Looking for some tiny but important tidbits....

Hey, I hope that someone out there still uses Arcview 3.x

Anyway, I have only part of the Spatial Analyst extension. The Avx file allows me to choose Spatial analyst as an option for extension, however, it depends on two files that I don't have.

If you have spatial analyst extension for Arcview 3.x could you please send me an e-mail?

I need the following two tiny but important files...

1. avgrid.dll     it can be found in C:/ESRI/AV_GIS30/ARCVIEW/BIN32

2. surface.gui    it can be found in C:/ESRI/AV_GIS30/ARCVIEW/EXT32


If ANYONE out there can help, please send an e-mail to:

in order to get the files through security, it may be necessary to put them into a folder and zip them. IT will make my year if I hear from you and I will be glad to return the favor any way I can.


Thanks again.

System Upgrade

I would like to if anyone out there has upgraded their GIS system from PC ArcInfo 4.0 to ArcInfo 9.X?  We are presently in the process of implementing a budget and we could use any information that would be of use to us.  We are upgrading our desktop computer and are in the process of purchasing ArcInfo 9.2 from Esri Canada.  We have a Calcomp 111 digitizing board and a HP design jet 450 C printer.  I am not sure if these are compatible with ArcInfo 9.2.  I look forward any suggestions.


Lawrence Reid

Are you aware of Mapview and other MOF online resources?

Hi All,

I am a new forester-in-training seeking exciting sustainable forest volunteer or contract work, ideally for First Nations in British Columbia, Canada, or Haida Gwaii (off the west coast of BC).

ESRI Prototype Lab releases GeoChat 2

GeoChat is an instant messaging extension to ArcGIS. The extension allows users to connect to a XMPP chat server and exchange text or ink messages with other users.

Instant messaging has two important features that are useful to the GIS professional.