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GIS Database Help

Toni Appleby is looking for help with the database portion of the Request-for-Proposals to Conduct a Review of the Use of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) in the Management of Wildlife in Nunavut. Please see the RFP (pdf): click here.

You can contact Toni at 250-505-3172.

National Forest Information System

I am a French (close from Paris) PhD student - I therefore apologize for my bad english.
I am doing a research on the federal government's GIS about canadian forest: NFIS (National Forest Information System). I have been quite suprised to learn that native communities were not involved in the process of creating NFIS, eventhough they are fully engaged in GIS technologies (and is a good example of that)...
I find it suprising because it means that aboriginal knowledge about forest won't be taken in account in the national representation of the canadian forest.
I therefore have two questions to which some of you may have answers: are they any important data, range of data, classifications etc... concerning forest that are usually stored in native GISs that are not retrieved by NFIS? Do you know if native GISs use the same data standards (compatibility) as the federal's one does?
If you have any idea about this, or if you know anyone that would have an idea, I would be very happy: it would greatly help me to pursue my research !

Thanks for your help.

Mapping Projection Issues...

I picked up some DEMs from the Natural Resources Canada website. I stitched them together and extracted the contours out of them. Unfortunately I am using Arcview 3.3. The NR Can website says that they use Decimal Degrees as a projection. Every time I try to re-project into Albers or UTM, I get NOTHING!!!

Has anyone else experienced this? And if so.... how do I get around it?

Any ideas will help.

Sharing ideas on predictive models?

Hello AMN'ers -

I'm researching predictive modelling of cultural values:
- sacred sites
- culturally modified trees
- monumental cedar
- archaeological potential
I've looked at several GIS models and methodologies but have not yet researched any in-depth.  
Does anyone have any recommendations on models, criteria or other resources that can help predict cultural values?
I have a limited amount of field-surveyed data but am expecting to rely on assumptions about coarse data such as forest inventory, slope, distance to water, etc...  By identifying areas of potential we can more effectively direct our field-survey crews.

If you have a similar project perhaps we can bounce ideas off each other.

Hope to hear from you, Lucy