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URGENT: Mappers needed to assist with GAZA OpenStreet Mapping

Hello Mapping relations,

A emergency call for help to assist with mapping Gaza was made by Mikel Maron yesterday on Twitter. For how to help, recent updates and news articles see his blog at:

Without his knowledge, I'm personally requesting Aboriginal Mapping Network members to consider assisting this emergency mapping effort.

FCodes in BC

I'm looking for a URL to get my hands on the latest FCode meanings in BC. I'm looking for the FCode interpretations for both TRIM and Forest Inventory Coverages. Can anyone help?

Do web mapping services such as Google Maps and Yahoo maps have a place in traditional use mapping?


I am an International graduate student currently enrolled at the University of New Brunswick. I have taken interest in the topic of traditional use mapping and this area has formed part of my general research. In looking at mapping, GIS has played a important part over the last several years in addressing issues of development, litigation, policy and preservation. The popularity of online mapping services such as Google and Yahoo Maps has flourished in recent years. Do you think mapping services such as Google Maps and Yahoo maps have a place in traditional use mapping? I know that an important strength of GIS is the analysis component. Web mapping services in general are very limited where analysis is concerned.

Is there a place for API web mapping tools, if only for the sake of education or stimulating interest in traditional knowledge matters?

On a somewhat related note:

I have come across a few interesting projects on the Geoconnections website. On is titled:

"Mapping a brighter future: Building an Anishinabek Nation geospatial application for inclusive traditional knowledge and resource management"

An online information portal is proposed, that will "contain a web-enabled mapping application and data library using the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure."

I invite your feedback. thanks

--Stephen, UNB 

TLE claims dataset

Hi, does anybody know of a good source for TLE claim data? I am specifically interested in TLE claims in Alberta. Even a pdf map with all the claims would help at this point.