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The Importance of Training!

One of the key pieces to any GIS program is continued training and education opportunites not only for new GIS pracitioners but also for experienced Analysts who need to keep thier skills current. 

There are a lot of GIS training opportunites available for both new and old users alike and I think that this would be a good place to announce opportunites for shared training and also to evaluate some of the exisiting programs that are in place.

Please use this forum to let everyone know about upcoming training programs and to let us know what you think of programs that you've participated in.  This forum could also be used to find partnerships with neighbouring groups who share training needs so let everyone know if you are looking for a particular type of training.

Why can't I see myself on the UserMap?

There are a few explanations for this:

  1. The UserMap currently takes a long time to load. I would suggest letting the map load all the users while you complete other tasks. Users are shown in the order they signed up, so if you were the last to sign up, you'll be the last to appear. We're hoping that the speed will be improved when we get funding to improve the usermap.
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Indigenous Food Sovereignty Conference


I recently attended the 1st Annual Interior of B.C. Indigenous Food Sovereignty Conference in Penticton.

There were so many interesting discussions taking place, I wish I could have been several places at once! Tuesday, I attended two sessions entitled Food, Land and Culture, which were moderated by Jeannette Armstrong. Trudy Jack (Nla'kapmaux) gave a presentation about Spirit and Food, while Bernice and Laura gave a presentation about how to observe Nla'kapmaux mourning procedures. I also had the pleasure of leading a discussion about mapping indigenous foods.

On Wednesday I attended a presentation about the process of including Traditional Ecological Knowledge in land use planning, especially with regards to hunting. Next, Guy Dunstan gave an interesting presentation about how he currently uses traditional trading trails to trade salmon, while Dawn Morrison, conference coordinator, talked about funding Indigenous Food Soverignty projects.

All these thought-provoking sessions and discussions made me wonder what else is being developed in regards to Indigenous Foods around the world. I noticed that the Sliammon First Nation has a webpage about their traditional foods (found here) - do you have any experiences or information to share? We'd love to hear it!


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