Introduction - Arktokosmos

Hello everyone!

Thought, it would be nice to introduce myself ...
I'm originally from Germany. Having worked with circumpolar studies, I hold a master degree in literary studies (minors history and philosophy) - with a special focus on polar literature and especially the literature and history of Svalbard. I have been quite active in the North - lived in Finland for several years and currently in Norway. During my studies, I have overwintered in the High-Arctic on Svalbard to do some "field-research" for my MA thesis about "experiences of existential limits as reflected in the literature about Svalbard". I would like to get more active in polar-research and especially "circumpolar studies" again.



Hello Arktokosmos,
Welcome to the network! Sounds like you have done some really interesting work. I was recently reminded of this literary map that you might be interested in:
Champlain Map: ”They Would Not Take Me There”

Hello Eliana, thank you very

Hello Eliana,

thank you very much.
Indeed, the mentioned map looks very interesting. I wonder, if anyone ever has done research about the literacy of maps ... especially in the context of circumpolar studies ... Might be worth doing more research into the subject.