Tool for handeling CanVec data + Twp grid tutorial

A friend of mine showed me this the other day. If you have ever used the canvec data and wasted a whole bunch of time applying styles, you will find this useful. you can get the guide here and the files you need are found here under the symbology section, I have not used this yet but I saw it in action and it is a real help.

I also thought I would throw up this tutorial on how to make custom overlay grids. This is very useful if you make maps on the parries where township-range is the most important spatial reference. the custom overlay grid allows you to put the Twp-Rge grid on the side of the map like a UTM grid. get it here

UPDATE (06/23/2016): Links above have been removed. Click HERE to Search, Discover and Download Free Maps, Data and Publications with GeoGratis.