Native Customary Rights and GIS

Hi guys,

I'm a surveyor from Dublin, Ireland and I'm in the process of getting my Canadian work visa together. I've narrowed my choices to Alberta, BC or Ontario  I've wanted to work in the field of native customary rights ever since seeing it in operation in Borneo while i was staying with an Iban tribe there. My background is in surveying and mapping in which i have a diploma and i have additional qualifications in mine surveying (degree), remote sensing (masters) and am currently finishing up my PhD in this history of surveying in Dublin. For the past five years I have worked as a GIS manager in the waste management and environmental industries.

Would anyone have any tips or suggestions about how to get involved in the industry?
Many thanks


Links with Jobs

Hello, glad to hear you are interested in Aboriginal Mapping.

Your assets will definitely be treasured over here (*cough*RS*cough*), as surveying will certaintly help in the long run, that is a heavily used industry Canada wide (though you may need to register with the Federal and Provincial Surveyors registered/licensed list to give you that 'edge')

Surveying specifically to aboriginal mapping is used, for the most part, staking Land Use Claims, or if you're lucky, doing some Aboriginal influenced environmental/wildlife study. Several communities participate in annual wildlife population assessments and habitat delineation.

I have posted below, several links for you to peruse and explore employment opportunities in North America. They may not all be aboriginal, but do encompass a vast array of environmental opportunities.

In no order of importance:

1.) (or)



4.) (under Geomatics/GIS)




8.) (check the forums, it may even be worthwhile to contact a first nation in BC to inquire as to whether or not they would like to pursue government funding to conduct a TUS or develop an aboriginal land use plan and then you can develop the proposal, and send it to them for review and submission)

9.) (this is the Aboriginal Enviro Careers site)