Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network

Human activities on land and in the ocean are changing coastal and marine ecosystems and threatening their ability to provide important benefits to society, such as healthy and abundant seafood, clean beaches, and protection from storms and flooding. Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) is an innovative management approach to address these challenges. It considers all ecosystem components, including humans and the environment, rather than managing one issue or resource in isolation. Learn more about EBM.

EBM tools are software or other processes that can help implement EBM by:
  • Providing models of ecosystems or key ecosystem processes.
  • Generating scenarios illustrating the consequences of different management decisions on natural resources and the economy.
  • Facilitating stakeholder involvement in planning processes.
    Learn more about EBM tools.

The EBM Tools Network is an alliance of EBM tool developers, practitioners, and training providers to develop EBM tools and support their use in EBM implementation in coastal and marine environments. Learn more about the EBM Tools Network.