The Rain Forests of Home: An Atlas of People and Place

by Ecotrust, Pacific GIS and Conservation International (1995)

This unique publication is an oversized (11" x 17"), full colour atlas that includes 24 pages of text, numerous maps and figures analyzing the current status of Native languages with forest cover and watershed conditions in North America’s coastal temperate rain forest, from northern California to southern Alaska. The atlas documents how forest cover has changed since the arrival of Europeans on a watershed by watershed basis, and tracks the fate of 57 indigenous languages spoken along the coast since the non-native settlers arrived. This bioregional portrait uses information on forest cover and indigenous languages as prime indicators of forest integrity and cultural diversity. Folded into the back pocket of the atlas is a 33" x 44" full colour poster depicting the original extent, current forest status, and watershed conditions of the coastal temperate rain forest.

For ordering information, contact Ecotrust Canada, (604) 682-4141