Researching The Indian Land Question In BC: An Introduction To Research Strategies & Archival Research For Band Researchers

edited by Leigh Ogston

This manual "is the result of more than 25 years' experience conducting research and leading research education workshops for B.C. First Nations. Indian governments are increasingly involved in a growing number of lands-related processes which all require large volumes of information, much of it archival in nature. More than ever, it is critical that our band researchers be able to carry out effective and efficient archival research. This manual will be most helpful guide, especially for those community-based researchers just getting started. As a reference book, it may also prove helpful to other professionals who are providing services to BC Indian governments."

Published by Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
Distributed by Union of British Columbia Indian Cheifs
Cheif's Mask Bookstore
500-342 Water St., Vancouver B.C., V6B 1B6