Treaty Maps

Here you will find a variety of maps related to Treaties.

Historic Treaty Information: Timelines and Maps

A website from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada:

This series of maps illustrates the historical evolution of Canada through treaty-making between 1867 and 1999, focussing on the Numbered Treaties. The Numbered Treaties were negotiated between the Dominion of Canada and the First People who inhabited newly-acquired western territories. The maps are available in pdf.

Canada at Scale: Maps of our History

Library and Archives Canada has an online map exhibition called Canada at Scale. There are many maps you may find interesting. In particular:

Treaties and Comprehensive Land Claims in Canada

Note: These maps were published by the Government of Canada in 2004. They may be out of date now. Please use discretion - for informational purposes only. 

Historical Indian Treaties

The Atlas of Canada has an interactive map of the historical treaties signed in Canada. If you click on an area with the information button, there is a link in the popup that will take you to the text of the original treaties.