Geoweb: Indigenous Mapping of Intergenerational Knowledge

A doctoral dissertation by Gwilym Lucas Eades, McGill University (2010)


This thesis examines the transmission of
intergenerational cultural knowledge on eastern James Bay Cree lands.
Geospatial technologies and the representation of Cree knowledge are
explored, with emphasis on the geoweb. A geoweb with two parts, old and
new, is theorized as compatible with Cree interests at a landscape
level of analysis. Local and traditional knowledge scales also emerge
as crucial levels of analysis for the creation and transmission of
hybrid forms of knowledge on the geoweb.

The hypothesis that the meme is a viable and valid mechanism
(replicator) for the transmission of indigenous intergenerational
knowledge on the geoweb is supported. The assertion that the geoweb
would be the primary vehicle for the protection and replication of
place-memes is also well supported. Evidence for these claims was
provided by examining traditional and local toponymic densities and
qualitative data, revealing both the capacity and the will, historically
and presently, to use geoweb-enabled mapping for local and traditional
knowledge preservation and transmission.

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