Call for Papers: “Traditional Knowledge, Spirituality and Lands”

Call for Papers: “Traditional Knowledge, Spirituality and Lands” (Special Issue of International Indigenous Policy Journal)

The International Indigenous Policy Journal is pleased to announce a call for articles for a special edition addressing the well-being relationship among traditional knowledge, spirituality, and lands.

There is evidence to suggest that cultural continuity of Aboriginal
communities is a key aspect determining well-being among Aboriginal
peoples.  One of the most poignant aspects of traditional culture is
spirituality. It is known that Aboriginal spiritualities are undergoing a
period of revitalization throughout the world.  For instance, in Canada
between 1991 and 2001 Aboriginal spirituality was the only growing
spiritual path found among First Nations communities.  Similar spiritual
revitalization is taking place in other jurisdictions.  Questions that
arise as a result of this spiritual renaissance include:  What are the
impacts of spiritual revitalization on Indigenous communities?  How does
the interrelation with ‘religion’ impact an individual’s and a
community’s well-being?  How is this revitalization being received in
settler society? What are the implications for policy development? How
far an international reach and to what degree are transnational
connections being forged in the revitalization of traditional

This special edition will be managed by Marc Fonda. Dr. Fonda is the former Managing Editor of the IIPJ, is a senior researcher for the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, and is an Adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Fonda can be reached at:

Deadline for article submissions: March 31, 2011
Expected date of publication: October 2011


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