Training Manual on Field Research Methodology Designed for Cultural Mapping Field Officers

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World Intellectual Property Organization

Here is the Introduction:

Research involving Fijians in their respective localities has been a long standing concern for the Institute of Fijian Language & Culture and the Ministry of Fijian Affairs, Culture & Heritage. As most scholars both local and overseas have traversed our Islands and their inhabitants, one seeks to wonder whether the subjects or population have been duly acknowledged for their contribution to the success of these individuals (researchers). Is ethics, code of conduct and protocol fully accredited? Has the population researched seen the significance of research undertaken, not necessarily financial and economic development, but the
promotion of cultural heritage, its safeguarding and transmission through the promulgation educational materials for custodians, youths in villages and public at large?

However, the main intentions of this training are as follows:
• Establish a clearer understanding of the Ministry of Fijian Affairs, Culture & Heritage and the Institute of Fijian Language and Culture as arms of research that deals directly with local Fijian communities/villages.
• Understand Intellectual Property Rights and the issue of a Model Legislation for the protection of traditional knowledge and expressions of culture.
• Understand and learn current works of the Institute in trying to facilitate a cultural mapping exercise and a database for traditional knowledge and expressions of culture.
• Appreciating Anthropology as a discipline and its themes and core characteristics are a basis for cultural research.
• Understand and evaluate research methods and design in anthropology.
• Work collectively in advancing a Fieldwork and research guideline for the Institute.

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