Report on Best Practices in Land Use Planning for First Nations

September 14, 2009

Vancouver – The New Relationship Trust (NRT) today released the BC First Nations Land Use Planning: Effective Practices report. The report includes the contributions of participants from thirteen First Nations in a summarized format so that other First Nations can benefit from the experiences of those who have gone through the land use planning process.

The report outlines a land-use planning process that can be modified and tailored to meet the unique planning needs of each community. It also highlights effective practices that have lead First Nations in BC to successful land use planning in their communities. The report is not intended to be a “how-to” guide – instead, it provides an overview of approaches and lessons learned over the last decade by BC First Nations, and those areas of planning deserving more attention and experience.

“NRT has taken an active role to support BC First Nations with their capacity development initiatives,” stated NRT General Manager, Chanze Gamble. “By releasing the land use planning report, we believe we are providing First Nations with an important tool to help them determine their community development objectives.”

NRT is a not-for-profit organization that supports First Nation communities in British Columbia in their efforts to build capacity in order to become healthy, prosperous and self-sufficient.

The BC First Nations Land Use Planning: Effective Practices Report written by Ecotrust Canada was commissioned by NRT to assist First Nations to identify ways to improve their land use planning capacity; it is one of 5 reports commissioned by NRT to be released in the fall of 2009. The other four First Nations best practices reports include:

* Comprehensive Community Planning
* Environmental Assessments
* Consultation and Accommodation
* Governance (previously released)

For more information:
Chanze Gamble
General Manager, NRT
Tel: 604-925-3338 or 1-800-922-3338

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