Carrier Sekani Online Atlas


The CSTC has released an online atlas to show changes over time to the CSTC territory.  In partnership with Ecotrust Canada (
the CSTC is using this technology in order to raise awareness of issues
affecting the CSTC.  Several other First Nations in BC are using this
technology (called the ‘Living Atlas’ by Ecotrust Canada). 


If you have any content (i.e. videos, audio, photos, etc.) that you
think might be useful for the atlas, please contact our office.

A technically advanced yet user-friendly web-based mapping tool, the
Carrier Sekani Atlas allows people to easily access, and understand,
complex data from a variety of government, academic and community
sources. This makes it ideal for both educational and community planning
use. Features include:

  • A ‘time slider’ tool, displaying data chronology. This gives users a
    view of changes to a region over time – they can even look into the
    future to see projected changes, such as temperature and rainfall;
  • Data grouped by theme;
  • Multimedia content – a place to store and share cultural data, such as
    photos, videos, stories, traditional place names and historical

The technology

All components are built with open source software to ensure low
development and implementation costs. Open source software is computer
software that is available in source code form for which the source code
and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are
provided under a software license that permits users to study, change
and improve the software. Open source software used in the Carrier
Sekani Atlas includes:

  • Django Web Development Framework
  • OpenLayers – a Javascript library for displaying map data in web browsers
  • Postgres/PostGIS relational database
  • MapServer – Spatial data visualization
  • jQuery

Some other examples of First Nations using the Living Atlas technology include:

For more information about the Living Atlas tool visit the Ecotrust Canada website:

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