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Hi Everyone,

My name is Charles Saddington and I am a historical GIS specialist working at CDCI Research, a Canadian owned and operated historical research firm that provides a full spectrum of research and records management services to both public and private sector clients.

Our GIS-related work focuses on the discovery, analysis and integration of historical data into new or existing GIS data-structures, as well as discovering new methods to communicate history and historical research via mapping (I am really interested in mobile application delivery methods). In line with the above experience and interests is our work within the realm of traditional knowledge studies for Aboriginal associations and leveraging the power of GIS.

I look forward to learning and contributing to this online community, so much thanks for letting me join.

Take care,


2 thoughts on “Introduction – Charles Saddington

    1. We have yet to publicly publish any of our historical GIS projects due to client confidentiality, but if any are made public, either by us or our clients, I will be sure to post a notice on the AMN forum.

      Thanks for your interest!

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