Map Icons

Hello fellow users,

  I am constructing a TUS map and was wondering where I find nice little map icons like different animals, cabins, smokehouses, etc…..

Thanks for your help.
Renel Mitchell

5 thoughts on “Map Icons

  1. Hi Renel,
    I have some icons that I’ve been meaning to release to the world… I’ll send you a message and hopefully I can help.
    Best, Eliana.

  2. Hello to All,

    This forum is seemingly abandon as I see no posts less than 6-7 years old on here. I hope some of you are still here as I would rather like to do some networking with you!

    Hope to hear from someone soon!


    1. Sorry, it has been a long time since I checked in.

      It sure does seem to be “crickets” around here. That’s a shame because I think this is a great site and a great idea. I hope it revives!

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