Tusaqtuut Core Indigenous Knowledge Project

Furthering an understanding of Inuit culture and the impact of climate change in the Arctic

Issue Area: Cultural Preservation and Environmental Education
Geographic Footprint: Canadian Arctic

We chose them for:

  • documenting indigenous Inuit knowledge by working together
    with the last generation of traditionally-raised Inuit elders living in
    the South Baffin Region
  • their project director, the indomitable Meeka Mike,
    who is an internationally-recognized climate change educator and
    activist who continues to sound the alarm about the impacts of climate
    change on the Arctic 
  • enabling Nunavut
    youth to regain and retain their sense of identity, pride in their
    heritage, and an understanding of their responsibilities as custodians
    of their land and knowledge

Article found on the Tides Canada website. For more information, click on the link below:


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