Applications of GIS in Community Forestry: Linking Geographic Information Technology to Community Participation

Author: Himlal Baral

Planning and managing forest resources in todays ever-changing world is becoming very complex and demanding challenges to forest resource managers. Because of the multiple interests of forest users and other community interest groups, a wider range of up-to-date information is being requested in community forestry, than has been used in conventional government-based forest management in the past.Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies provide foresters and resource planners with powerful tools for planning, management and decision making. Recent trend towards community based forest management has added new dimensions and potential to use of GIS in community forestry. This book explores the potential and constraints for the application of GIS technology in community based forestry. This book will be of interest to forest managers, community development practitioners, researchers and students interested in using GIS technology in forestry and participatory GIS.

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