Welcome to the AMN

The Aboriginal Mapping Network website, nativemaps.org, has recently undergone a major upgrade to the underlying content management system, a shift to a better server, and other improvements that we hope make the site more attractive, interactive, and useful to you. In the next few days, there may be some temporary issues as we continue this work. We thank you for your patience. As always, your feedback is welcome!

The Aboriginal Mapping Network (AMN) is a cooperative website that supports aboriginal and indigenous peoples facing similar issues such as land claims, treaty negotiations and resource development. Common tools, such as traditional use studies, GIS mapping and other information systems are used in a collaborative manner, benefiting users of the AMN. 

We would appreciate hearing what you think of the AMN website. Please send comments and suggestions to: info@nativemaps.org. We are also recruiting authors to add more content to the site. If you would like to contribute, please drop us a note.

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