The New Indigenous Peoples Funding and Resource Guide

The Indigenous Peoples Funding and Resource Guide ,which was developed in collaboration with International Funders forIndigenous Peoples and First Peoples Worldwide, has been distributed tohundreds of Indigenous communities and nonprofit organizations in bothEnglish and Spanish. The Funding and Resource Guide helpsbuild the capacity for Indigenous communities to increase theirparticipation as successful grant-seekers. It contains practicalinformation that includes the elements of a proposal; how to conductfoundation research; useful research websites; glossary of fundraisingterms; and information on more than 250 foundations, corporations, andgovernment agencies who provide funding for Indigenous and grassrootsprojects.

Ken Wilson, Executive Director of Christensen Fund quotes:
"By enabling indigenous organizations worldwide to identifypotential sources of grant funds this Guide beautifully addresses animportant reason why foundations and indigenous people have so rarelybeen able to partner directly, despite the needs and opportunities. TheChristensen Fund is distributing the Guide among its grantees aroundthe world to help them identify foundation’s with common interests andto begin to diversify their funding. We would encourage otherfoundations to do likewise."

The Guide contains seven primary sections:

  • Elements of a Proposal, provides a brief description of what a proposal contains and examples for each section.
  • Researching Foundations, provides a step-by-step guide on how to conduct foundation research.
  • Research Websites, provides information on various websites that can assist you in your fundraising endeavors.
  • Glossary of Terms, provides definitions of key words found in proposal guidelines, elements of a proposal and other important terms.
  • Foundation and Corporate Grantmakers Funding Indigenous People, contains funding organizations that directly fund Indigenous organizations and projects worldwide.
  • International Foundation and Corporate Grantmakers, includes philanthropic institutions that fund in various countries and regions of the world.
  • Index of Regions, contains an index of the various regions and countries and the page number within the Guide where information on the funder can be found for a particular country or region of the world.

To purchase copies, download form here and fax to 1-518-358-9544 or call 1-518-358-9500

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