Coast Opportunity Funds

Coast Opportunity Funds consists of two non-profit grant-making programs entrusted to oversee and manage $120 million in public and private funding to support both conservation management and sustainable economic development in the Central and North Coasts of British Columbia and Haida Gwaii.

Evolving from groundbreaking land-use decisions made by First Nations and the Province of British Columbia, Coast Funds’ programs are designed to protect the rainforest ecosystem and improve the socio-economic conditions of the aboriginal people who live in the region. Known around the world as the Great Bear Rainforest, this area is part of the largest coastal temperate rainforest left on Earth, an ecosystem of global significance, yet one that is equally important to British Columbia for its potential to create a new, sustainable economy.

Coast Opportunity Funds recognizes that economic challenges must be addressed hand in hand with conservation needs in order to build healthy and sustainable First Nation communities. Today and into the future, Coast Opportunity Funds’ unique partnership with First Nations and its long-term commitment to lasting solutions will support new forms of innovation in this extraordinary rainforest region.

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