Siemenpuu Foundation: Supporting environmental work in the Global South

The Siemenpuu Foundation was founded by 15 Finnish NGOs or Foundations working with questions linked to the environment and development. It offers support for civil society organisations in developing countries working for ecological democracy, environmental protection and prevention of environmental threats.

The conservation of our natural environment and promotion of biodiversity should be made by a sustainable, equitable and participatory decision-making process, by the people, with a perspective to human rights and cultural diversity. First and foremost, we at the Siemenpuu Foundation want to support people in the South to give stronger voices to communities working for biological and cultural diversity.

The Siemenpuu Foundation grants project funds directly to civil society organisations and networks of organisations, NGOs, community groups and research institutes operating and based in developing countries. The nature of the activities supported is diverse.

Siemenpuu Foundation has provided project funding since 2002. First this was done through an unlimited application window. In 2006 three cooperation programmes were established. They function in India, Indonesia and Mali. Each programme has a specific geographical and thematic focus. All projects funded within the programmes are chosen to fit within their corresponding strategies.

We now also welcome applications for project funding from Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America. Preliminary applications may be submitted between April 1st and May 9th, 2008. The thematic funding areas of this application round are:
1) Alternatives to the industrial monoculture plantations in Africa and Latin America
2) Environmental issues at the World Social Forum

Siemenpuu Foundation bases its funding primarily on the development co-operation funding from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. We report about the use of received funds to the Ministry. Otherwise the Foundation is an operationally and legally independent civil society organisation. The total budget of the organisation for the year 2008 is 1,25 million Euros.

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