Canada at Scale: Maps of our History

Library and Archives Canada has an online map exhibition called Canada at Scale. There are many maps you may find interesting. In particular:

In their Exploration, colonization and development section, you will find the Map of Indian reserves, 1891

Indian reserves have existed in Canada since the time of New France. They were created through a variety of means — by missionaries or private individuals, concession of Crown lands, treaties between Indian bands and the government.

In their Government cartography section, you will find the Nunavut Territory, 1993 map.

Nunavut, which in Inuktitut means “our land,” is the new territory created in 1993 out of a portion of the Northwest Territories. 73% of the inhabitants speak Inuktitut and 85% are Inuit. The first government of Nunavut was elected on February 15, 1999, and took office on April 1.

Note: the online exhibit has closed, but you may access the archived pages through the links above. 

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