GeoBase News: The National Hydro Network (NHN) has arrived!

Available today, October 1st 2007, a brand new geospatial product makes its entry on the GeoBase Web portal: the National Hydro Network (NHN). The NHN, which describes and models features of the inland surface-water system of Canada, will progressively become available throughout Canada, reaching national coverage as soon as 2008.  As of today, 287 watersheds are available accounting for about 20% of the Canadian landmass. These are located in British Columbia (246 watersheds), Manitoba (28), Newfoundland (5), Saskatchewan (2) and in the Yukon (6). The NHN is a topographic data product, designed primarily to allow hydrographic network analysis. It is intended for water flow analysis, water and watershed management, environmental and hydrographical applications as well as for a multitude of cartographic applications.

The NHN is now here. It is yours to discover!

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