Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources

CIER, the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, is a national First Nation-directed environmental non-profit organisation.

We offer research, technical services and education & training services to Indigenous communities, governments and private companies in four inter-related topic areas: forests, climate change, water, and sustainability.

We are a non-political entrepreneurial non-profit organisation that focuses on developing and implementing solutions from a perspective that is holistic and interdisciplinary.

We strive to live our work. We have a Corporate Sustainability Policy, we work in an award winning green office, and our library, one of the only Canadian collections dedicated to Aboriginal environmental issues, is open to the public. Our project grants and charitable donations are used to research emerging environmental issues.

CIER was established in 1995 by a group of First Nation chiefs from across Canada in response to the need for First Nations themselves to address the environmental issues affecting their lands and resources. Today, we meet this need directly and indirectly by providing opportunities within our work for community members, our clients, or our staff to build their own capacity to develop sustainable solutions.


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