Career Edge

Since 1996, Career Edge has worked closely with over 900 employers to provide meaningful entry-level work experience for more than 6,500 young Canadians across the full spectrum of Canada’s business community. Within a few months of completing the internships, nearly 80% find permanent jobs at competitive salaries with 60% of these jobs in the intern’s own host organization.

Career Edge offers six, nine or 12-month paid internships for university and college graduates in a variety of fields, including information technology, marketing, human resources and finance. Hosting a Career Edge intern is a cost-effective way for organizations to benefit from skilled, enthusiastic graduates and help develop Canada’s future business professionals.

The Career Edge Advantage

Career Edge benefits both interns and participating employers.

For employers that host interns, Career Edge provides:

  • Immediate access to a dynamic talent pool of tomorrow’s business professionals.
  • A low-risk way to “test the waters” prior to a permanent job offer.
  • The flexibility to get work done by enthusiastic interns without increasing the staff head-count.
  • The services of interns at lower direct costs than full-time employment, without the paperwork of traditional recruiting methods.

For interns, Career Edge helps them:

  • Break through the frustrating cycle of "no experience, no job – no job, no experience".
  • Get their foot in the door of a great organization.
  • Build their experience and professional network while earning a standard Career Edge stipend.

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