BEAHR Internship Program

The BEAHR Internship Program offers a 6-12 month work experience that can lead to long-term employment. Over 90% of interns remain employed either with their host organization or another company.

By signing up as an intern you can gain access to job postings of employers who are looking to recruit new Aboriginal graduates. Log in (or sign up) to the website and follow the “Practitioner” link to the BEAHR Internships page to find out more and to apply to this fantastic program.

If you’re an employer, you can receive up to $8,000 towards hiring an intern. The $8,000 will go a long way towards helping you to recruit and train new grads. For more information and to apply, follow the “Employer” link on the left to the BEAHR Internships page.

For more information contact Ivy Kim Scott at (403) 233-0748 ext. 243 or by email at

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