Aboriginal Youth Human Resources Development Strategy

Are you Aboriginal and between the ages of 15 and 30? If you are, then you are a member of a fast growing group that is very important to Canada’s future!

Aboriginal youth will play a very important part in filling many, many jobs left vacant when older people retire. And to do this, you need skills!

The Aboriginal Human Resources Strategy (AHRDS) has programs for you. They are available through Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreement (AHRDA) holders. To find out more about youth programs under the Strategy, click here, or contact your AHRDA holder directly.

The Government of Canada also has other programs and services available to Aboriginal youth. Opportunites for work experience, knowledge, skills and information are available at www.youth.gc.ca

The First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy has programs for First Nations and Inuit youth living on reserves or in recognized communities.


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