Nunavut Planning Commission

The NPC is one of the new organizations resulting from the 1993 Nunavut land claim settlement. The NPC will work with government to establish broad planning policies, objectives and goals for the Nunavut Settlement Area and it will develop land use plans that guide resource use and development in the region. Inuit organizations and the governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories nominate members of the NPC. They are accountable to the people of Nunavut for their actions.

This site contains several databases relating to the Nunavut environment. Two interactive GIS maps are included: one relating to garbage sites in the West Kitikmeot district where you can point to any of a large number of sites on a map and find out detailed information about them. The second map was created as part of the South Baffin Place Names Project.

The goal of the project is to collect and record all possible place names information for the south Baffin area and to share this with the public. The user can click on places on the on-line map and hear how it is pronounced in both Inuktitut and English.

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