CMHC Housing Internship Initiative for First Nations and Inuit Youth

This two-year youth employment initiative provides work experience and on-the-job training for First Nations and Inuit youth to assist them in pursuing long term employment in the housing industry. Housing Internships are available to First Nations and Inuit youth who have an eligible sponsor. The key requirement for this program is that the work experience and on-the-job training must be related to housing activities, such as: housing administration, construction, renovation, maintenance, client counseling, etc.

Youth must be between the ages of 17-29; be residents of a First Nations Reserve or Inuit community, and be out of school and currently unemployed. Priority will be given to youth who meet the above criteria and face additional challenges such as being a single parent, being illiterate, or having a disability.

Approved sponsors receive financial support toward the wages of First Nations or Inuit youth employed on housing related projects. Sponsors must be able to offer work experience and on-the-job training related to housing; they must be located on-reserve or in an Inuit community; or be able to provide travel and accommodation costs for youth trainees required to work away from home. Employment periods for individual youth must be a minimum of three months. Maximum employment periods vary from region to region. Sponsors are expected to cover administrative costs related to employing a youth trainee, and are encouraged to contribute financially towards wages to help achieve a greater level of youth participation.

To obtain additional program information and a Guide to Developing a Proposal, contact your Band Council or the regional CMHC office nearest you.

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