Update: We would like to announce a change in our funding application deadlines.  Effective immediately, the program will be simplified so that there will be a single annual deadline for project proposals.  The purpose of this change is to align the EcoAction Community Funding Program with other Environment Canada funding programs.  As a result, the October 1, 2008 round and the spring round usually held in February will be consolidated around a November 1, 2008 deadline.  Proposals that miss this deadline will not receive consideration until the November 2009 round.  

We are still offering funding of up to $100,000 over 24 months for projects that have environmental results. EcoAction funding can cover up to 50% of total project expenses, the other 50% coming from non-federal government funding sources.   Funding is available for projects that address Environment Canada’s four priority issues of Clean Air, Climate Change, Clean Water, and Nature.  Currently funding priority may be given to eligible projects that address Clean Air and Climate Change issues.   Applicants will be notified of funding decisions once all departmental approvals have been obtained, after April 1, 2009.

Since 1995, Environment Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding Program has provided financial support to community groups for projects that have measurable, positive impacts on the environment. Funding support can be requested for projects that have an action focus, a community capacity building focus, or a combination of both objectives.

EcoAction encourages project submissions that will protect, rehabilitate or enhance the natural environment, and build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future. Projects require matching funds or in-kind support from other sponsors.

Non-profit groups are eligible to apply to the program. This includes, but is not limited to: community groups, environmental groups, aboriginal groups and First Nations councils, service clubs, associations, and youth and seniors’ organizations. Private sector organizations, educational institutions, and municipal, provincial/territorial and federal governments are not eligible applicants, but are encouraged to partner with non-profit organizations.

In keeping with major Environment Canada and Government of Canada environmental priorities, EcoAction supports projects that address the following themes:

  • Climate Change – projects focusing on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change
  • Clean Water – projects focusing on the diversion and reduction of substances that negatively affect water quality (e.g., pesticides, fertilizers, household hazardous wastes, etc.) and on the conservation of water resources;
  • Nature – projects focusing on protecting wildlife and plants, and protecting and improving the habitat where they live (e.g., grasslands, rivers, forests, etc.); and,
  • Clean Air – projects focusing on reducing air emissions that contribute to smog and air toxics issues

Submission deadlines are February 1st and October 1st annually. The maximum amount available per project is $100,000. Applicants must ensure that at least 50 percent of the total value of their project comes from sources other than the federal government.

See also the Green Souce (EcoAction’s database of funding sources).

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