First Nations Forestry Program (FNFP)

The First Nations Forestry Program (FNFP) is a partnership program between First Nations and the Government of Canada, and is viewed as a model of cooperation between federal departments. It is a valuable program that enables First Nations to deal with their forestry priorities.

The purpose of the program is to improve economic conditions in status First Nation communities with full consideration of the principles of sustainable forest management.

The four federal funding objectives of the program are:

  • To enhance the capacity of First Nations to sustainably manage their forest lands
  • To enhance the capacity of First Nations to operate and participate in forest-based development opportunities and their benefits
  • To advance the knowledge of First Nations in sustainable forest management and forest-based development, and
  • To enhance the institutional capacity of First nations at the provincial and territorial level to support their participation in the forest-based economy.

The First Nations Forestry Program (FNFP) is managed by a National Management Committee which provide overall broad direction to the program. The management and delivery of FNFP in each province or territory is the responsibility of Provincial and Territorial Management Committees. These committees develop policies, standards and procedures, communications strategy, application processes, work plans, etc. for their respective province or territory.

Each committee consists of representatives from First Nations, NRCAN and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Some committees also include industry and provincial/territorial representatives. NRCAN regional offices enter into and administer contribution funding agreements, in accordance with decisions of Provincial and Territorial Management Committees. 

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