Community Economic Opportunities Program (CEOP)

The Community Economic Opportunities Program provides project-based support to those First Nation and Inuit communities that have the best opportunities for public services in economic development.

In these communities, the Community Economic Opportunities Program is expected to lead to community economic benefits including more community employment, greater use of land and resources under community control, enhanced community economic infrastructure, more and larger community businesses, more business opportunities, and a better climate and environment for community economic development.

First Nation Councils, governments of self-governing First Nation and Inuit communities, representative organizations of Inuit communities and other organizations mandated by the foregoing to carry out ongoing activities and projects on their behalf may apply. Funded activities may include:

  1. employment of community members;
  2. community-owned and community-member business development;
  3. development of land and resources under community control;
  4. access to opportunities originating with land and resources beyond community control;
  5. promotion of the community as a place to invest; and
  6. research and advocacy. 

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