MAPS: GIS Windows on Native Lands, Current Places, and History

This site contains many useful and interesting maps. However, it is no longer maintained so you may find some broken links. Scroll down to find the main page links:


Some of the maps you may find useful include:

North American Pre-Contact Native Culture Areas – GIS Map

This map shows culture areas of more than 500 tribes of North America before first contact. To learn about a culture in materials prepared bythe Canadian INAC, click on the red dots. Click the LARGEST DOT at thetop for overview of Natives of the north. Clickable dots below the linebring up overviews written by various American scholars, usually forIndian Studies courses.

Native Pre-Contact Housing Types map

The map shows distributions of housing types in the pre-contact eras. The ranges of types were hypothesized by anthros based on archaeological sites, ethnographic data (both visual observations of housing and explanations by Native people).



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