Important First Nations and/or resource-based legal cases.

Landmark Cases

A list of Landmark Cases from the BC Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. (Link address updated August 2008).

The cases listed are grouped in five categories:

  • aboriginal rights cases
  • treaty rights cases
  • cases involving consultation about the potential existence of aboriginal or treaty rights
  • cases involving jurisdictional issues
  • other cases

Province failed to adequately accommodate Gitanyow when issuing forest licences, court rules (Wii'litswx v. British Columbia )

In a ruling by Justice Neilson of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, it was concluded that the Crown failed to fulfill its duty to meaningfully consult and adequately accommodate Gitanyow’s aboriginal interests in the course of the decision to replace six 15-year Forest Licences.


Haida Nation vs. The Queen

The Haida Nation has filed a Statement of Claim in the Supreme Court of Canada claiming Aboriginal Title and Rights to Haida Gwaii ("QueenCharlotte Islands").

Download the Statement of Claim, or look here.